Size : 139 x 48 x 34 mm
Weight : 180g
Usage time : 6-7hrs (Bluetooth is not used)
Bluetooth usage time : 4hrs
Battery : AAA 1.5V x 2
Bluetooth : 4.2 (Optional)
Current consumption : 90mA  


ES-2020 electronic stethoscope is a single-channel handheld cardiopulmonary assisted stethoscope. Even if medical staff are wearing isolation gowns, they can clearly hear the patient's heart and breathing sounds through speakers or headphones. On the one hand, it can reduce the risk of infection of medical staff. It can also use the digitization of sound and the evolution of 5G communication technology to connect mobile devices or laptops with 3.5mm audio cables or Bluetooth wireless methods. Perform recording or remote connection to accelerate the evolution of medical technology.You can also use a 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth wireless to connect to mobile devices or laptop for direct recording or remote connection.

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3 Mode Single channel auscultation:
Heart : 20~200Hz , Chest : 100~1000Hz , Full pass : 20~1200Hz。
Audio output:
Use 3.5mm audio jack to connect speakers/ headphones.
Bluetooth out:(Optional)
Use Bluetooth to connect with computers/smart phones For recording.
Battery level display (red light when full, flash red light when deficiency) , Bluetooth pairing (blue light) ,Heart mode (red light) , Chest mode (red light).