Why Grow Hydroponic Strawberries?
This style of growing does not use any soil. Instead, an inert media is used to anchor the plant’s roots in place. The root system grows through this medium and is exposed directly to water or a nutrient solution. 
So what are the advantages of growing strawberries in a hydroponic system? Since there is no soil, you do not need to use pesticides to treat any soil-based pests or diseases. This makes your work as a grower more environmentally friendly and cleaner. In addition, hydroponic strawberry plants are less prone to flying insects! You may feel that you will eventually consume more water due to the constant supply of water. In fact, hydroponics is more water efficient . Because we are using the water cycle model instead of continuously injecting fresh water into the plants. Therefore, it is only necessary to replace the water at a fixed time to maintain the stability of the water quality. As for the replaced water, it can also be used for planting.

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What we used : 

磷酸一銨Monoammonium Phosphate,硝酸鉀Potassium nitrate,硫酸鎂Magnesium sulfate,速效鐵EDTA-Fe,硼酸Boric acid,氯化錳Manganese Chloride,硫酸鋅Zinc Sulfate,螯合銅Chelated Copper,鉬酸鈉Sodium Molybdate,硝酸鈣Calcium nitrate

1.枯草桿菌(貝克菌)-Bacillus subtilis
抑制莖葉害菌生長Bacillus subtilis can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria where is on the leaf.
2.窄域油-礦物油Mineral oil
阻礙病蟲害之呼吸作用,最終令其窒息而亡。Mineral oil can hinder the respiration of pests and diseases, and eventually suffocate them and die.

Irrigation system